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If you’re still not using crypto to sportbet, you’re missing out on huge betting potential. We’re here to tell you 4 reasons why you should use crypto while sportbetting instead of cash.

Crypto Offers Huge Bonuses

Most crypto sportsbooks do crypto deals to encourage users to use crypto while betting. These crypto offers can differ in amount and even up to $500 in pure bonuses which is a very good reason why you should use crypto while sportbetting.

Many online casinos offer short term bonuses. Depositing from wallet to casino is quickly becoming a skill all online gamblers possess. 

The bonus may vary from sportsbook to sportsbook which is why you should sign up to multiple sportsbook for the hottest offers.

Crypto Deposits with zero fee

Most online sportsbook offer a zero deposit fee using crypto. The fee for the coin transaction may vary, so you should check out the gas fees before depositing. Using cash, your usual deposit fee is around 10-15% which makes you lose a lot of your initial investment.

Crypto Sportbooks Are Safer

In the last year, many casinos and sportbooks experienced security breaches with data such as bank details and credit card numbers getting leaked. With crypto and Bitcoin, you don’t require banking details or anything like that. All transaction data is kept on the blockchain, and stays there.

Crypto Investments

While your crypto is in your wallet, your gambling stake can grow. In the year of 2021, the average crypto token rose about 72%, meaning your sport betting stake would only have grown larger, just by holding. Of course, crypto can go both ways, but judging by the return the last couple of years, crypto will only grow larger.

crypto sportbetting invest


The many bonuses and overall money saving while using crypto is the main reason why you should use crypto sportbetting. Much value is lost while using cash, and making you a target for data breaches and hacks.

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